Tuesday, 21 January 2014

NEW YORK CITY / Day 5 - 10.1.14 - The high line & Chelsea Market

The last proper day, which was quite relaxed even though the rainy weather was inconvenient! In the morning, a group of us went walking up and on the high line, which used to be a train which ran throughout Manhattan where Milk, meat, produce, and manufactured goods could be transported and unloaded without disturbing traffic. I took some good pictures of the high line as well as the roads below.

Underneath this, was Chelsea Market. I thought it was a very small market, but it was so cute! There were so many cafĂ©'s and cupcake shops in there, we spent a good few hours in there. 

After that, I went to visit the Tom Ford store and asked them some questions about Tom Ford for my zine, and they were so lovely and told me all their best seller clothes, shoes, menswear and fragrances. She even gave us every fragrance sample and her business card! I felt so welcome and she helped me a lot. On the same road, was Ralph Lauren which amazed me because it felt like they owned the street! There were 3 Ralph Lauren stores: One for Menswear, One for Womenswear and one for children! We went into the womenswear store and picked up some Ralph Lauren brand-zines for the jewellery (as the assistant insisted!) which were so beautifully layed out! The assistant looked like a better looking-American version of Prince William; it was weird! I also got to try on a $73,000 ring on which also made my day. I had a lovely experience in Chelsea! 

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