Saturday, 18 January 2014

NEW YORK CITY / Day 3 - 8.1.14 - Soho & Statue of Liberty!

Wednesday was a very exciting day! In the morning we all met up and went to Soho. I absolutely LOVED Soho. There were so many different shops and cute little caf├ęs there, and even Topshop! (I was very excited about this as I could use my staff card there, although I can do that in England, it was a bit more exciting in a different country!) We also visited the Kardashian's 'DASH' store which was also EXCITING because I love the Kardashians! I easily spent about $60 in there, but most of it was presents! It was lovely inside and the sales assistant also loved my iPhone case of Kim Kardashian crying. We also visited Bloomingdales and some vintage boutiques. We went in one called "What goes around comes around" which sold all the original vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc which I thought was mesmerizing considering they don't have vintage shops like this in the UK! 

Later on that evening after we did all our shopping, we decided to go see the Statue of Liberty. We got the Subway to the coast and caught a free ferry to sail past the Statue of Liberty! It was unbelievably cold and windy so I could hardly take any good pictures of the statue :( but I am definitely glad I saw it!

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