Wednesday, 15 January 2014

NEW YORK CITY / Day 2 - 7.1.14

On Tuesday, the whole FCP group met up at 9.15am to walk to The Fashion Institute of Technology. Inside was a trend-ology exhibition; the "Fashion and Textile History Gallery" - which I thought was very interesting as it showed us different trends and their relationship to culture - for example where these trends originated from. It showed me that trends over the past 250 years are changing ALL THE TIME at an increasing pace around the globe. Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures :( however, I noted down trends that are globally up-trending and globally down-trending:

GLOBALLY UP-TRENDING:                                   GLOBALLY DOWN-TRENDING:

Sheath dresses                                                 Blue colour
Coat dresses                                                    Grey colour
Navy colour                                                      Red colour
Black colour                                                      Padded coats
Biker jackets                                                     Trousers
Fur, faux fur                                                     Sheer material
Checked plaids
Photographic print
Blouson jackets
Cigarette pants

After the exhibition, we were free to explore Manhattan. We went to Manhattan Mall and to Macy's to do a little shopping, and then we went to visit Grand Central Station - which was absolutely AMAZING. I could definitely spend all day there! The architecture was beautiful and inside it was HUGE. There is also an Apple store inside the station (and of course we took advantage of the free wifi!) I also went to Tom Ford in Macy's to ask some questions about his fragrance collection to add to my research for my brand-zine. The sales assistant told me that his best seller fragrance is OUD FLEUR and prices range from $250-$550!!!!!

Food-wise, I wasn't very impressed for the first few days; maybe we chose those wrong places? But on Tuesday evening, we ate at an Italian place and had a pizza which was not that tasty! - I expected all the food to be delicious... However the service was better than that at Burger King!

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