Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Moodboard: Ted Baker

Project two is a group presentation on a chosen brand. My group chose to do Ted Baker so we decided to split the tasks that we have to do between the five of us, and do the presentation together. My task was to construct a mood board associated with Ted Baker. We also have to come up with a New concept (The other) in which the brand could expand, and pitch it. We have many ideas for Ted Baker, but at the moment we are thinking of doing a Ted Baker tea room! However, this idea may change. 

Anyway, moving on to the mood board... Ted Baker is all about wittyness, informality and British heritage. So I decided to revolve my mood board around these ideas. The London telephone box and the bearded "English gentleman" I put on there because I would say Ted is inspired by London and they used to focus on menswear and tailoring. They are also influenced by music as when we went to the Ted Baker flagship store in London, they had a floor dedicated to music. Hence why there is the "Tedstar" Vinyl with a picture of The Beatles incorporated into it. 

I have also put a block of light blue/aqua colour on the board because I think right now Ted Baker use this colour quite a lot on their website, in their clothes and accessories. I have also put a picture of a floral print which they use quite a lot in their products too. If I saw this print I would definitely think "Ted Baker"! They describe themselves as "No ordinary designer label" and I thought that was quite important for their brand identity as it's true! I came across the picture of the dog in the hat, shirt and braces and thought it was exactly how I'd sum up Ted Baker. It's humorous, witty and relevant to menswear and the whole image of the brand. I had to put that in there!

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