Monday, 11 November 2013

SUNDAY (monday) STYLE ENVY: Salvador Dali/Miss Aniela

I was so busy yesterday I didn't have time to do this post, sorry! - but better late than never! This week's post will be about Salvador Dali - the ever so famous surrealist. While I was reasearching more about Elsa Schiaparelli, I noticed that she was heavily influenced by art and surrealism, especially Dali's work - and I can see why. His work was so eccentric and unusual which is why Schiaparelli collaborated with him - to develop her imaginative designs which are actually her best known designs. Here are some examples of Dali's work:
The persistence of memory - 1931
The sacrament of the last supper - 1955
Lobster telephone - 1936

Together Dali and Schiaparelli created: 
Lobster dress

Tears dress

Skeleton dress

Shoe hat

This time I'm not going to do an outfit post, however I will tell you about an artist I came across who I find inspiring! As I looked more into surrealism I came across a British fine art and photographer called "Miss Aniela". She specialises in fashion photography and incorporates fine art and surrealism in her shoots which I think looks absolutely amazing! I'm so fascinated by her images. Here are some examples which I love: 

This image of the "Kai Face" has a video on Miss Aniela's website which shows how this image is created, which is what I first watched and caught my eye. It is made up of so many different imaged subtly combined into the face and each image tells a story. The birds flying out of her mouth makes it look surreal; it is absolutely beautiful!

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