Friday, 6 December 2013


Our Ted Baker presentation has come and gone! We had a few problems with deciding what the New concept would be but we finally came to a conclusion: Dog wear! I think this is a relevant concept as it is currently a "booming market". In our presentation, we put in this quote from MTW Research: ‘the industry will be worth £35 million by 2015’. ( 

I thought the presentation went okay, but it could have been better to be honest - and we needed to improve quite a lot, especially the graphics of the PowerPoint as I thought it looked quite messy. However this is easily done and will look perfect for submission! I am very proud of our flyers to promote the new concept. We also included a collaboration with Pedigree to give the dog owners some dog biscuits in Ted Baker packaging: 

We also created a window display for this new concept. Seeing as Ted Baker doesn't advertise commercially, their only form of advertising is in store and via their window displays. Ted is known for having eccentric, witty, humorous window displays!
A slide from our presentation on window displays
N'aw, good old Ray!

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