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Tom Ford is the brand I chose for my brand-zine (project 3). I have done lots of primary and secondary research. I found out quite a lot on the internet from various websites about Tom Ford, however when I visited the Flagship store in London on Sloane Street, I found out much more interesting information! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures.

Secondary research:

Tom Ford was born in Texas, but moved to New York during his teens, and then enrolled at NY University to study Art History, and then Arhitecture (which many of his designs now are inspired by).

In 1990, Ford moved to Milan to join Gucci as their womenswear designer. You could say he "Saved" the brand, however he did produce some controversial campaign ads, such as a "G" being shaved in a model's pubic hair...

  • In January 2000, he acquired with Yves Saint Laurent where he worked with all of the creative teams there and designed there for 4 years, and was the creative director of the Gucci group for 10 years. 
  • In March 2005 he announced his film production company 'Fade to Black' and brought out his own film 'A Single Man' starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in 2009.
  • In April 2005, TOM FORD was created and he produced optical frames and sunglasses. He was an alliance with EsteĆ© Lauder to create a TOM FORD beauty brand. Tom Ford has 6 signature fragrances in the TF beauty collection.
  • In April 2007, the first flagship store in New York was opened, and there was a debut of TOM FORD menswear and the accessory collection.

Ford's campaigns have always been quite controversial, as he states that sexuality plays a bit part in his work. He is openly gay, however says he loves the physique of the female body - this can explain the spiral staircase in his London store representing a woman's curves!

To help me with my research, I wrote down a list of words that I thought described the brand:

SEDUCTIVE                              MODERN                               CONTROVERSIAL  WOMEN                                    CHIC            
CLASSIC                                   NUDITY                                        CONFIDENT
ECCENTRIC                                  MASCULINE
Primary research:

I visited the Sloane Street store and spoke to a Sales Assistant who told me much more information about Tom Ford. When I asked him who his competitors are, he said to me: "Mr Ford does not like to compare himself to other brands - he is unique and exclusive." 

His target market is "everybody" as they have a range of items which range from low prices to very high prices, such as the fragrances. Ford has a fragrance called "TOM FORD LONDON" which is only available in London. This attracts many travelers who come to the UK for this. 

Tom Ford's signature collection is the OUD fragrance collection. They have a fragrance called "Tobacco Oud" as Ford is inspired by forests and wood - as Macassar wood is his favourite wood (the staircase is made out of macassar wood). 

When I asked him what Tom Ford's "forte" is, he told me that he is recognised for menswear and tailoring. In fact, he told me about Ford's "Made to Measure" service for shoes and suits which the garments can be tailored to suit the customers needs.

The TOM FORD shop decor is set out exactly like Tom Ford's house, like a walk in wardrobe! It is made to feel personal for the shopper. He even has a personal service to customise shoes with letters/words which emphasises the "quality, not quantity" feel as they are made in Italy.

Tom Ford Facts

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