Thursday, 31 October 2013

Moodboard - The then and the now: REISS

This is my final mood board design:

For this project, I worked in a group of 6 and we were each assigned a brand to focus our individual mood boards on. My brand was REISS, and we had to create a digital print mood board using 10 images. I used Adobe Photoshop to create mine as I have been familiar with it for a long time! I created many different designs and layouts for my mood board until I was satisfied with my final design. I did primary and secondary research on REISS such as looking at their history ("The then") and how they have evolved as a brand, and also who/what they are inspired by which influences their designs. 

REISS are a very contemporary, design-led brand and I took this into consideration when designing my mood board. For example, in my final design everything is very vertical because I would say that their products are very "straight to the point" and they focus on simplicity. REISS have been inspired by architecture and historical buildings, such as forests and especially London as it was founded in London in 1971, which is why I have incorporated REISS' shop front within the text and also added a picture of the Big Ben and a forest. They are also specialise and focus on tailoring, which is inspired by old fashion British gentlemen and the tailored suits that they used to wear. However, REISS modernise this and make their garments look very contemporary; e.g. Using a tailored suit which a man typically wears on a woman (which is a modern look) but the location in an old London street.

REISS also focus on quality of their products, which explains the tan leather belt in my mood board. When I went into the store I saw quite a few tan leather tops and bags, so the belt connotes quality and strength. They do not have much celebrity endorsement or advertising as REISS are a very exclusive brand, however people such as Kate Middleton and Liz Hurley have been photographed wearing REISS clothing - which promotes itself and gives the brand a credible image.

Here are the various other designs I tried which I print screened from Photoshop:

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