Tuesday, 1 October 2013

First post / Pre-arrival

I have started this blog as a reflective journal for my Fashion Communication and Promotion course. I will be blogging about what I am learning in my lectures/seminars and also pictures/quotes and anything that inspires me along the way! 

For my Pre-Arrival task, I had to pick three digital, retail and printed examples of what inspires me or portrays/communicates fashion. I decided to bring in books, magazines and the Bill Cunningham DVD for the printed and digital, and I also took some pictures for the retail and digital. I brought in my "Style Diaries" book which is an inspiring book and promotes successful and new bloggers and their work. This helped me explore a range of different blogs and even more inspiration! The Bill Cunningham film especially inspired me as it gave me an insight on fashion outside of the catwalk and taught me that the streets are a more natural environment to capture fashion.

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