Thursday, 10 October 2013

My favourite designer: Givenchy

For this task I constructed a mood board which represents Givenchy. I collected fabric swatches and other materials such as magazine cut outs, feathers, glitter etc (I got a bit too excited!) which I think connotes Givenchy. For example, I chose swatches such as rich red velvet and black mesh because these materials are essential for AW13 and I have noticed by watching their Fall '13 show that they have used a lot of velvet and mesh. The images which I have collected from magazines such as Vogue and Elle in my opinion "scream" Givenchy as the bold confident expressions of the models match that of their clothing and the mise-en-scéne of the brand's image.

The brand identity of Givenchy is certainly not boring, so I decided to use some irony in my mood board to give it personality, which again matches the brand. The magazine clipping I picked out says "boring, don't you get it?". I also used a picture of an old building on my mood board as a lot of Givenchy's designs are inspired by architecture; a lot of rich colours and unusual patterns are used. I found an image of Givenchy glasses in black and white and placed it over the model's glasses to show contrast and to also highlight the quirkiness of the brand. 

As the images I used are very detailed in colour and pattern, I didn't want to over crowd my mood board with images and materials, hence why I have left quite a lot of blank space. Less is more! I played around with the material until I was satisfied with the layout. These photos show some of the layouts I tried: 

Final layout

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