Friday, 17 October 2014


We were briefed to create an A3 mood board displaying 10/13 categories which we had to choose that represented ourselves. The categories I chose were:
  • Food
  • Animal
  • Weather
  • Transport
  • Past time
  • Music
  • Comfort
  • Place
  • Shoes
  • Clothes

This is my mood board:

I created this on Photoshop as I am not comfortable with drawing or illustration. However I thought I should make it a bit more interesting than a digital mood board (what we always do) so I drew some categories and scanned it in. When I scanned them in and tried to put it together, the illustrations didn't quite look right with the digital images, so I decided to make all my images look like they have a watercolour effect to blend in with the illustrations. I downloaded some watercolour brushes online and made the canvas grain larger, so that it looks like an arty piece of work. Reflecting on this, I am still not happy with the layout; it could have been neater, but I did experiment with illustration. I will also probably make another digital what am I like.

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