Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Life Drawing

On Friday we did Life Drawing! I had never done it before so I was quite nervous, but it was absolutely find and really fun!

On the first sketch, Tim told us to draw not the figure in front of us, but just anything; a scribble, blob, whatever. This is what I drew (it's horrendous HA): - This is meant to represent the absence of someone.

On the second sketch, Tim told us to fill the canvas with charcoal, then rub out anything that resembled a figure. This is mine: - This is meant to represent the presence of someone or something. As if they've left the room. 

On the third sketch, we were told to doodle. We were given 3 minutes, then 2, then 1 to not take our pen off the paper. This is to represent the free energy/movement that the person has, unlike the previous charcoal drawings. Here is mine:

Even though it was fun, I've come to the conclusion that I am awful at it!!!!

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