Friday, 10 October 2014

FCP year 2

Ahhhh year two of FCP. This year looks MUCH more exciting. It is mainly about self promotion & improving on our research.

This past week, our lectures and seminars have been about improving our research (the context) in order to do it properly until we get to a "big idea" - which will lead us to the "creative idea" (what our idea looks like) until we finally execute it to the consumers eye. As research can be very boring and long, we may not carry it out properly. Therefore we should make it interesting, like carrying out experiments! E.g. Derren Brown's research experiments are very exciting to watch and we learn a lot from them!

Self Promotion work will start next week, but we are all learning this to follow up to our Berlin trip in January where will have created business cards and will use those to get into trade shows at Berlin Fashion Week.

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