Monday, 21 April 2014

FCP update

I haven't blogged in a month, it seems like ages!
We were asked to do a 1000 word essay on comparing an advert, and also working in our groups to create and come up with a fragrance concept and our presentations on research are due this week. we recently had to change our skin-care concept as we were told by a guest tutor that it is impossible to create a perfume for sensitive skin! So a few days ago, when we were making the perfume we changed the concept to "Freedom" - basing around the concept of travel. Our first fragrance is going to be based on the feeling/scent of being trapped, our second (the one we made) is "On a journey" - which resembles the smell of fresh air, citrus, grass and "freedom". Our other fragrances are going to be based on exploration and travelling the world, but this is all we have come up with so far. 

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