Sunday, 23 March 2014

My first tat! My Mandala.

From watching beautycrush and Ricky Richards' videos, I adored their tattoos and they got some of them done at The Circle in Soho, so I decided to get my first one done there! I chose a Mandala because I think the patterns are absolutely beautiful and look amazing on the skin! It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but to me that doesn't matter. I absolutely LOVE it and will definitely be getting more done there. They're all so friendly and welcoming.

It didn't hurt as much as i anticipated it to be actually, it felt just like a burning/scratching sensation and was definitely not worse than a bikini wax haha!! It took only 40 minutes and the healing was not bad at all, I hardly felt it... Why did I think the healing would be horrible?! I definitely want more tattoos already! Help.

Check them out at
My tattooist: Math. Instagram: @evenmoreblack 

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