Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fragrance project photoshoot!

This week, we did our photoshoot for our concept! Our fragrance concept is for dry skin - so it is a moisturiser which acts as a base coat to hydrate the skin, and then the matching fragrance scent with it so it lasts longer on the skin. 

Our photoshoot/video shoot idea was to throw water on male and female models (to address the target consumer) and then edit it so that the video reverses (the water coming off them in slow motion) and then editing it so the water is being thrown back onto them as if to 'add moisture' to them. It was so fun to shoot! (maybe not for the models...) We used my Canon 600D.

First we decided to have a white backdrop so we bought a clear PVA sheet and spray painted it white... that took a while... Turns out it didn't even dry properly and went all patchy but we used it anyway!

(This isn't my snapchat, it's Whitley's but it shows us "behind the scenes" haha!)

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