Friday, 6 February 2015

BERLIN: Trade Shows

I absolutely LOVED Berlin. I actually think I liked it more than New York! Reason being was because in New York it was right at the start of the year so I hadn't actually made my friendship group, where as in Berlin I had all my friends around me and also we packed so much into 5 days. We went to trade shows, did tourist-y things, experienced the clubs in Berlin (not knowing that they really hate tourists and are really strict!) but it was fantastic.
TRADE SHOWS: Show & Order, Bright, Premium & Panorama
Show & Order was the first show we visited. I was really excited as it was my first time seeing a trade show and what happens behind every brand and their ways of promotion. It was held in a warehouse and was quite small. We then went to Premium via a shuttle.
Premium was the next Trade show we visited. It was MUCH better and bigger than Show & Order and the atmosphere was buzzing. Most people approached us and told us about their brand, and we got free champagne and fruit!
Bright was an interesting trade show. We went to Bright on the same day as Panorama (and I was VERY. overdressed it was really embarrassing to walk through it). It was more of a skater brand trade show such as Obey, Adidas. Despite looking really posh I looked like I wasn't interested in any of the brands at all - but I loved it. 
The last trade show we visited was Panorama. Definitely the BEST trade show out of all of them. It was held in an airport looking venue and was huge! We were quite disappointed with Show & Order and Bright so we did not expect Panorama to be as amazing as it was.
Overall, the trade shows were a really good experience for me and I really enjoyed it. Because I'm a student it didn't have much significance to me - however if I was a buyer or had my own company/shop I would be in my element! It really inspired me to learn more about being a buyer as I think it would be a hard, but fun career path to go down.
I also met 3 lovely buyers from Lipsy in a random bar in Berlin who told me about their job and It sounds like something that I would love to gain experience in. Leighanna gave me her business card and told me that they do internships, so I might just take up that opportunity!

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